December 6th, 2017

V4 Barrels and kits are here! Better photographs coming, but these are stocked and ready to ship.

V3 barrels have been removed from the site - all existing orders will ship. We are redoing our email to ensure all outstanding orders are fulfilled or upgraded to v4. V3 owners will be offered extreme discounts on remaining stock of backs and tips to complete their existing systems and provide extra value. V3s will also be featured in some "Power Pack" deals for owners looking to grab multiple items to upgrade their guns.

Axe Poppets v2.7 have been successfully refurbished with custom seals.
Luxe Eigenbolts v1.5 are in stock and on sale - lowest price ever.

Impulse Eigenbarrel Kits are back for their final run, only 5 left.
Universal Eigenrams (limited run) are in stock! Final Run.

V2 One Piece barrels are in stock for a limited time only. Some flavors still in stock, contact us for details.

DM12-DM13 Eigenring Eigenbarrel Kit - Standard Sleeve - Gloss Black - Impulse DLX Luxe Eigenbolt - v1.5 Update pack
DM12-DM13 Eigenring
Our Price: $19.00
Lurker Lube - 1oz Empire Invert Mini Eigenbolt Kit Empire Axe Clamshell Style Spacer
Lurker Lube - 1oz
Our Price: $8.00