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After years of providing fine aftermarket products, Lurker Paintball is proud to announce our very first stand-alone marker, the Paragon. Built with an eye on the modern game and the modern player, the Paragon incorporates the latest developments in pneumatic engineering and ergonomics. More details will be available at the Lurker Paintball booth at Paintball Extravaganza.
Features include:

- Patent Pending Eigenvalve technology with Clutch system
- Self-compensating, recoil canceling valve
- Dwell insensitive
- Magnetic valve return
- 100 psi operating pressure
- 4 critical dynamic seals
- Autococker threaded Eigenbarrel v.3, 15"
- Among the lightest weight tournament markers available
- Lightweight bolt design
- Soft face
- 2 stage speed, low force bolt action
- Hardcoat anodized bolt
- Integrated feedneck detent
- Popular ridge and groove feedneck mounting
- Asymmetric force nubbin style breech detents with relief
- Tool less disassembly
- All seals off-the-shelf
- Nearly vertical frame
- Ergonomic foregrip spacing for a stable platform
- Soft touch grips
- 4 point adjustable microswitch trigger
- HES debounce routine
- Single trigger option
- 3x AAA battery operation
- Transflective LCD
- Battery life enhancement electronics
- On/off/purge ASA
- Filtered regulator
- Overpressure protection
- Balanced poppet regulator for maximum performance over full fill
- Macroless air routing with no face seals
- Factory Warranty with support through Lurker Paintball and Paintball Mechanix

PBNation Photos of the Marker @ PBE!

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