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DM4-DM8 Eigenring DM9-DM11 Eigenring DM12-DM13 Eigenring
DM9-DM11 Eigenring
Our Price: $19.00
DM12-DM13 Eigenring
Our Price: $19.00
Our original DM/PM Eigenring typically delivers a 2-3 pod increase in efficiency with a 68/45 air tank, without an increase in pressure that would make the gun less smooth. Get your efficiency with no compromises!

The DM9-DM11 Eigenring uses a friction fit sleeve to contain the ring. Efficiency increases are typically 1.5-2.5 pods from a 68/45 air tank. Get your efficiency increase without any sacrifice to shot quality! The Eigenring system uses dynamic devolumization to delivery unprecedented efficiency increase for the Dye Matrix series. Gains of 2-3 pods per 68/45 air tank are most common. No increase in pressure is needed to achieve these, and the operation allows the dwell of the marker to be decreased.

This version uses a machined aluminum sleeve with integrated stop, and a delrin ring.

Color of all cans (for windowed guns) is black.
Reflex Rail Eigenring
Reflex Rail Eigenring
Our Price: $19.00
Eigenring Technology brought to Dye's budget platform! Gain 1-2 pods of efficiency without penalty. Great for front players using a 45/45!

Please note that the 2012 reflex rail incorporates internal milling that interferes with the seal of the Eigenring - please check your gun for internal milling before ordering.