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Lurker Lube - 1oz Lurker Lube Juiced
Lurker Lube - 1oz
Our Price: $8.00
Lurker Lube Juiced
Our Price: $8.00
Fully Synthetic. Will not break down or affect O-ring composition
Same NLGI Thickness as Dow33 – usable in all paintball grease application
PTFE particles form a slick barrier on metal parts to protect against wear
Longer Lasting! Up to 200% longer maintenance cycles than comparable stock or aftermarket lubricants
Improves consistency and raises velocity by decreasing coefficient of friction
Comes in a generous 1 oz. screw top container
An ideal lubricant for spool valves, regulators, and all other paintball application involving grease, Lurker Lube has been specifically formulated for the tournament paintball player to provide unmatched consistency and performance over long days of play. Teflon microparticles are the key additive, conditioning the microporous structure of anodized aluminum to decrease the friction felt by moving parts. Because of the barrier formed by the impregnated PTFE, Lurker Lube does not need to be as thin as many other aftermarket lubricants, which can be sucked into solenoids, causing damage. Lurker Lube is translucent with a mild ester scent, making its application difficult to detect for warranty purposes.
A thinned version of Lurker Lube for slicker performance in spool valve markers.