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Empire Invert Mini Eigenbolt Kit
Empire Invert Mini Eigenbolt Kit

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- Lightweight delrin construction
- Antichop spacer allows pinching of paintballs
- Improved internal air path for improved efficiency and reduced sound
- Undercut internal bore fore use with stock spring weight
- Improved soft face geometry

Our Axe/Mini bolt is by far the most technologically advanced on the market. By eliminating the normal flow restriction from the solenoid and replacing it with a 2-stage force system, we have created a bolt system incapable of breaking paint when correctly set, yet is faster than any stock or aftermarket option. A faster cycling gun allows the loader setting to be turned down, ensuring that any paint can be shot in any conditions.
Our use of the stock pillow design is bolstered by the inclusion of an air gap the rubber can compress back into, lowering impact forces more than any other bolt option for the mini/Axe.
Our internal passage features a smooth taper where other bolts have a sharp edge, meaning we direct smoother, less turbulent air to the ball than any other bolt available.
By using the stock spring, the return speed is maintained at the highest level, but because of the 2 stage system, this does not increase kick. Instead, the spacer and bolt form an air cushion than gently settles the bolt as it returns to the chambered position. And in turn, because the tension has not been lowered, the bolt does not slam into the forward stop, increasing felt kick or necessitating extra bumpering.

The Invert Mini kit comes with a spacer specific to the gun.

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